Driving for DOLLARS!

What Is Driving For Dollars? Driving for dollars is a term that real estate investors use to describe a technique for finding great deals on houses. You drive around until you find a house that looks vacant or distressed and then attempt to buy that home from the owners. Driving around looking for houses is … Continued

Top Ten Cities Where Home Prices Are Rising The Fastest!

The 10 Cities Where Home Prices Are Rising Fastest By Douglas A. McIntyre  of 24/7 Wall St., December 27, 2018 4:35 am EST The price of residential real estate has risen in most markets since a decades-long bottom during the Great Recession. That has started to slow in some cities because of oversupply and rising mortgage rates. However, … Continued

Where Flipping Is Down (and Up) the Most

Courtesy of Realtor.com Home flipping, never exactly an undertaking for the faint-hearted, is getting riskier. Again. Sound familiar? Americans have long had a love affair with the seductive gamble of snagging cheap fixer-uppers, rehabbing ’em, then reselling fast, hopefully for a sweet, sweet profit. But this national obsession became a national nightmare during the housing crash, … Continued

The New Los Angeles!

So Long, New York and L.A.! Here Are the Cities Luring (and Losing) the Most Americans.     courtesy of: My San Antonio The fact is, Americans are less likely to pack up their belongings and relocate now than at any point in recorded history: Only about 11% moved to new homes last year, the lowest … Continued

Las Vegas Real Estate Prediction 2019

  LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Anyone looking to sell their valley home in 2019 will be excited to hear what Zillow, the real estate giant, has to say. See full story here: Great News For Las Vegas Homeowners  

Hey Real Estate Investors, Lets All Welcome The Raiders To Las Vegas!

Wow…..I can’t believe it…..Las Vegas is now being recognized as a real sports town!  The National Hockey League (NHL) granted a franchise to our town in 2015 and now the Raiders will be calling Las Vegas their home!!!  The future looks very bright for our sports town!  It certainly wouldn’t be a stretch to believe … Continued

Room To Run For Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Properties

  Room To Run For Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Properties! Attom Dat Solutions out of Irvine, California just released its Q1 2018 USA Home Sales report, which shows that median home prices in 57 of 105 metropolitan statistical areas analyzed in the report (54 percent) were above their pre-recession home price peaks in the first … Continued

Buy & Hold Real Estate In Las Vegas – The Ultimate Investment

(as provided by Andrew Syrio | BiggerPockets.com) The 5 Advantages of Buy & Hold Real Estate In Las Vegas: IDEAL I – Income Most investments offer either a consistent return (i.e. annuities) or the potential for equity appreciation (i.e. stocks). Real estate offers both. Good buy and hold investments offer positive cash flow from rents … Continued

How To Avoid Bad Tenants In Las Vegas

As a landlord, we’ve all experienced really, really bad tenants….you know the tenants from HELL! Now there’s an additional tool you can utilize to prequalify your potential tenant its called: Avoid Crappy Tenants® is a FREE tenant review site. Reviews are data-driven (fact, not opinion). If you are in the rental space, you will immediately understand … Continued

A Great Strategy In Real Estate Investing – BRRRR

One of the greatest strategies to make money in Las Vegas real estate is known as the “BRRRR” There are so many strategies out there to flip houses but one of the greatest strategies to make money in Las Vegas real estate is known as the “BRRRR” strategy- which stands for “Buy-Rehab-Rent-Refinance-Repeat.” In this quick … Continued

Habits Of Highly Effective House Flippers

Courtesy of ATTOM Data Solutions Home flippers are getting squeezed by an increasingly competitive housing market where it’s harder to stick to the tried-and-true mantra for real estate investors: buy low and sell high. While it’s easy to sell the homes they are flipping, at often at a premium above asking price, the problem is … Continued

The Las Vegas Housing Market Is Hot

The Las Vegas Housing Market Is HOT! Inventory constraints that have fueled a sharp rise in home prices and made it difficult for buyers to gain a foothold in the market will begin to ease next year as part of broad and continued market improvements, according to the realtor.com®2018 National Housing Forecast released today by the online … Continued

House Flipping By The Numbers

House Flipping Volumes ATTOM reports that so far “153,727 single family homes and condos” have been flipped in 2017. That is almost identical to the high set in 2016. 48,685 of those were flipped in the third quarter alone. However, nationally ATTOM’s data shows the home flipping rate has dipped to just 5.1%. Yet, in … Continued

Is Co-Wholesaling A Good Idea In 2018?

Is Co-Wholesaling A Good Idea in 2018? Co-wholesaling could be the missing piece of the puzzle that many investors have been looking for. Both new and highly experienced real estate wholesalers could benefit from leveraging co-wholesaling. Whether you’ve been struggling to either find more good deals or buyers, you are looking into moving into new … Continued