Is Co-Wholesaling A Good Idea In 2018?

Co-Wholesaling aka Joint Venture

Is Co-Wholesaling A Good Idea in 2018?

Co-wholesaling could be the missing piece of the puzzle that many investors have been looking for.

Both new and highly experienced real estate wholesalers could benefit from leveraging co-wholesaling. Whether you’ve been struggling to either find more good deals or buyers, you are looking into moving into new markets, or you just want to take your business to the next level, this may be the strategy that changes the game, and makes it all possible.

Co-wholesaling is basically a joint venture or partnership which allows two real estate investors or entities to maximize their strengths and work together. That can make your resources go a lot further, aid in building and streamlining a system at scale, increase profitability, and open up new doors.

Finding Co-Wholesalers to Find More Deals

If you are doing well at moving properties, and maybe even have a good circle of ready and able end buyers, then partnering with others who have the inventory and deal flow may be the missing piece to doing more volume, and profitability.

There are many other wholesalers across the country who have mastered their marketing to sellers, have built referral sources. They just need more buyers to take their inventory. If you can solve that for them, you can find a great win-win. Let them do what they do best, and continue to grow your buyer list.

Look for these potential deal and inventory sources both on and offline.

Others of you reading this may be finding the deals. You may find you are pretty good at sourcing properties at the right numbers, and even find it relatively easy to get the contracts signed. Perhaps the only thing holding you back from hitting your goals is more buyers. There are plenty of them out there. It’s just about connecting with them and building the relationships.

The question is, is it wisest to divert a lot of your energy and resources to finding and developing these buyer channels? Or is it more efficient and profitable to find a few others who already have this part down, and have buyers eagerly looking for inventory like yours?  We believe that the answer to these questions are fairly simple.


By working with others wholesalers you can gain traction faster, make your money go further, move into new markets with greater ease, and do many more deals. You can call this co-wholesaling and utilize joint venture agreements, create simple referral arrangements, formalize partnerships, develop an affiliate program, or even buy out those who already have the infrastructure you want.

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