Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads Into Sales!

Top 100+ Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads Into Sales!

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How to Generate Real Estate Leads

It’s a question every agent, broker, developer, & investor has asked at some point in their career. You might not know how to get real estate leads that actually convert.  Don’t worry, we can fix that.

We’ve laid out 100+ proven methods for getting them.

We’ve discluded most traditional print marketing methods in favor of more scaleable tactics. Be sure to bookmark this page for reference if you ever need to come back.

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Social Media
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Web Design
  6. Other

Paid Ads

1. Google Ads

AdWords is an awesome platform to advertise with due to “user intent”.  User intent refers to the fact that your ad won’t trigger unless the searcher plugs in a particular term.

If you type “real estate agents” into Google you (should) only see ads for real estate agents.

This limits the risk of advertising to non-qualified leads which is in stark contrast to traditional marketing.  Advertising on a billboard requires you to pay for foot traffic regardless of desire to buy or sell a home.

toronto real estate agent google awords

2. Yelp Ads
3. Yahoo Gemini
4. Facebook Ads
5. Free Ad Coupons
6. Remarket To Your Audience
7. Post Listings On Craigslist & Kijiji
8. List On Realtor.Com
9. Signup To Zillow & Trulia
10. Display Ad Networks
11. Add Yourself To Business Directories

Social Media

12. LinkedIn
13. Facebook

Another way to reach out to your target audience on the cheap.  Facebook is suited to residential Realtors®, for obvious reasons.

The same rules apply to Facebook as they do with LinkedIn.

Don’t spam groups, don’t constantly advertise yourself, do offer genuine help.

Post your best content on a consistent basis and don’t be afraid to repost older content.

Also, create a Facebook business page if you haven’t already done so.

14. Create A Facebook Group
15. Automate Your Social Media Posts
16. Reddit
17. Quora
18. Twitter
19. Pinterest
20. Instagram
21. Start A Youtube Channel
22. Contests/Polls
23. Republish Your Content
24. Yelp
25. Google For Business
25. Google+

Content Marketing

27. Build Great Content

Hands down, content marketing will pay off more than any other strategy listed here.

“Companies that blogged 11+ times per month got more than 4X as many leads than those that blog only 4-5 times per month”3

Take a look at the top ranking pages for the search terms you’re targeting.  There’s a straightforward way to take their organic ranking.

You just have to create better content.  Make it longer, more detailed, more informative.  Anything you can do to gain an edge.

Bill Gassett is a legend in this regard, just take a look at the value he offers on his blog.

28. Blog (Guest Posting)
29. Specialize In A Particular Market/Niche/Property Type
30. Write For A Local Blog
31. Write For A Local Paper
32. Create A Slideshare Presentation
33. Find Forums To Participate In
34. Create An Infographic
35. Prepare A Housing Report
36. Write An Amazon EBook
37. Webinar
38. Write For A Real Estate Mag
39. Create A Video
40. Giveaways
41. Build Backlinks To Your Website (Off-Page SEO)
42. Target Real Estate Investors
43. Update Old Content
44. Offer RE Investment/RE Flipping Courses
45. Udemy


Email Marketing

46. Build An Email List

This is a big one, a really big one.

Your email list should be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Email marketing is crucial to your success now and in the future.

47. Opt-In Offers/Lead Magnets
48. Start An E-Newsletter
49. Create Electronic Flyers For Your Listings
50. CRM Software


72. Strike A Deal With An Appraiser/Home Inspector

Appraisers and home inspectors work in the same industry as you but can’t provide the same service.

It’s definitely worth a phone call to see if they know of any qualified leads.

It’s common practice to offer a referral fee, and you should refer business their way too.

73. Speak At A Conference
74. Create A Sales Funnel
75. Get On The Radio
76. Sponsor A Team

Sponsoring a local sports team gets your name out there and earns you brownie points.

It might be a little expensive if you’re just starting out, but you can always look for partners.

77. Get On TV
78. Host An Event Or Workshop
79. Organize A Fundraiser
80. Eventbrite
81. Green Initiatives
82. Start A Podcast
83. Mobile – Text Based Leads
84. Buy A Lead List
85. Target Foreclosed, FSBO, & Power Of Sale Homes
86. Referrals From Other Agents
87. Call Past Clients
88. Contact Reno Companies
89. Offer Multiple Services
90. Free Consultation
91. Build Relationships W/ Builders & Developers
92. Go To A Meetup Event
93. Hire A Marketer
94. Get Involved In Your Community
95. Hone Your Sales/Negotiation Skills
96. Learn Digital Marketing
97. Build A Single-Property Website
98. Find A Better Brokerage
99. Virtual Reality Tours For Real Estate
100. Google News (Setup An Account)
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